Note investing involves buying and selling debt instruments, such as promissory notes or mortgages, to earn returns through regular payments of interest and principal.

Note investments and traditional real estate investing differ in their focus on the underlying asset. In traditional real estate investing, investors own physical properties, aiming for appreciation and rental income. In contrast, note investing involves purchasing debt instruments secured by real estate, emphasizing the debt’s cash flow through interest payments and potential foreclosure opportunities rather than direct ownership of the property. Note investors profit from the borrower’s repayments rather than property appreciation or rental income. It’s a distinct strategy within the broader realm of real estate finance.

The minimum amount to invest is $50,000 and the maximum (from a single investor) is $1,000,000. Earnest Investing is raising $5,000,000 total for this fund.

Earnest Investing Fund is set up for a duration of 5 years, with an option to extend, if desired.

Investors will receive quarterly payments of distributable cash, with an option to reinvest their profit in order to maximize their return.

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